Ebola Outbreak in ANOTHER US City

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Dr. John Fankhauser is being closely monitored in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County health officials have revealed. The SIM employee is at ‘possible risk’ of carrying Ebola. The incubation period for the deadly virus is up to 21 days, so it is still too early to tell if he might begin to exhibit symptoms.

During his quarantine, Fankhauser is staying in an RV at SIM headquarters. A distance of three feet is being maintained between he and other individuals, to ensure that if he is infected, the highly-contagious virus does not spread. This seems to suggest that health workers are leery of Ebola becoming airborne, despite their reluctance to come out and admit it. If it were only spread via contact with bodily fluids, there would be no need for a three foot cautionary distance between the patient and others.

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WCNC reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define “some risk” as an individual who had close contact in households, healthcare facilities or community settings with a person with Ebola while the person was infectious. Fankhauser was learned to have had contact with a patient who later tested positive for Ebola, thus he has been placed in isolation for having “some risk” of carrying the virus.

We will be sure to keep you updated on this doctor’s condition as more information become available.

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