‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Fired … You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

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Tim Guraedy is one of the characters on A&E’s hit reality show ‘Duck Dynasty,’ though he is known more affectionately by fans as “Mountain Man.” Now a successful radio announcer, singer and author, Guraedy was once a fast food worker. He recently revealed what got him fired from the minimum wage job, and we can’t say we’re very surprised, considering his involvement with the Duck Commander family.

“My son Jonathan and I were hunting and I shot a deer and as I was trying to drag it out, my flashlight went out and a thorn got me in the eye and I could hardly see at all,” said Guraedy of the day before he was fired from his job. He had to get home to get that pesky thorn out of his eye, but not before hauling his deer to his workplace and storing it in the large freezer.

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It wasn’t the first time the avid hunter had used the facilities to refrigerate a deer, but it turned out to be the last. “The managers and supervisors came in the next morning and they found that dead deer and made a big fuss of it this time,” he recalled. “The health department had just slapped me on the wrist last time but this time they decided they were going to get rid of old Mountain Man so they fired me with that deer.”

Mountain Man says the fame that came along with his ‘Duck Dynasty’ appearances hasn’t changed him a bit. “I started a little too late in life to ever be excited about the fame but as I go through everyday life like going to Walmart, a trip that should only take 20 minutes can turn into two hours,” he said. “Everybody’s got camera phones these days and they want autographs and photos. It’s just a fulfilling feeling.”

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If you’re intrigued by Mountain Man’s tale, you should check out his new book, “Mountain Man: Keepin’ a Slow Profile.” In it, he tells the stories which shaped his life accompanied by related verses from the Holy Bible. Let us know what you think of his fireable offense in the comments section!

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