Ebola Crisis Takes Turn for Worse

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Months in to the Ebola crisis, it appears that the epidemic is far from over. 111 new cases were reported in Sierra Leone on Sunday, the highest daily rate since August.

These figures came just days after the UN warned that 50% of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone went unreported. This alarming statistic is thought to result from the fact that people aren’t going to the hospital out of fear that they will be cast out by their families and society.

There is also a devastating bed shortage at hospitals in Sierra Leone, causing many patients to be kicked out onto the streets. The World Health Organization has said there may be a need for as many as 4000 hospital beds in the country, but right now there are less than 500.

These statistics out of Sierra Leone reveal that this epidemic is not even close to being over. With the world still in crisis, we need to protect ourselves and ensure that Ebola does not take over America.

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H/T: The Guardian

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