Butcher “Accidentally” Sells Pork to Muslims … Then This Happens

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A Swiss butcher is in hot water after passing off 3.1 tons of non-halal pork as halal-friendly calf meat. The Zurich man sold the massive amount of pork products to Muslims who were under the impression that they were buying more expensive veal. Whoops! Because of the mix-up, the butcher now faces up to six months in jail and an $18,000 fine. Swiss authorities discovered the deception during a routine inspection.

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Halal, which translates directly from Arabic as “permissible,” describes any action or thing that is allowed under Islamic law. The term is most commonly used to describe the foods which Muslims can and cannot eat. Muslims are not permitted to consume pork or blood, and animals eaten must have been killed invoking the name of Allah.

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“If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it because Islam forbids the consumption of this type of meat,” the prosecutor said in regard to the little “accident” at the butcher shop. The name of the man who sold the non-halal meat to Muslims is not being released, for fear of what violence may be imparted upon him from members of the radical Islamic community.

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It’s hard to keep up with all of the things which the “religion of peace” does not allow. No pork, no alcohol, no suggestive showing of the ankles if you’re a woman. Oh, but taking child brides and selling sex slaves is A-ok! Do you think this butcher should face such steep penalties for what he did? If you ask me, he should get a medal. Give us your take in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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