Outrage After Christian Preacher Prays For President’s Death, Calls Obama’s Mother A Wh*re


November 10, 2014 9:04am PST

Liberals everywhere are outraged after a pastor gave a sermon in which he attacked President Obama, and even prayed for his death.

Pastor Steven L. Anderson is a Christian conservative who is not afraid of stirring up controversy. He did just that in this sermon, when he launched into a birther rant by criticizing the “official story” of Obama’s life.

“Even according to the official version, little Barry boy is a bastard, because he was conceived out of wedlock. His mother has an illegitimate marriage to a guy who’s already married to somebody else…and then he’s actually raised by a guy named Lolo Soetoro. That’s who is actually raising him, and then he’s going around as Barry Soetoro…”

“Here’s the alternate version, which I actually believe to be reality: I do not believe that Barack Obama Sr. is probably even the real father. Because a lot of times, women will do this, wicked women will do this: where they would basically , you know, oh I’m pregnant, quick, marry somebody, OK, so basically, pass it off as, OK? Especially back in those days.”

“Here’s the very strange thing about this story: In Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father, twenty-two times he makes mention of a guy named Frank [Davis],” Anderson added, questioning why Obama didn’t mention Frank’s last name.

Anderson then explained that Davis was a “card-carrying member of the Communist Party” and a “pornographer.” The preacher claims that Obama’s mother posed for photos for Davis, calling her “a literal wh*re.”

Because there are “so many questions surrounding the legitimacy” of Barack Obama, “to call him a bastard is generous, if you actually look at the evidence,” Anderson said.

“So he’s a bastard,” Anderson continued, “and no matter what you believe, his mom’s a total wh*re, and a harlot, and trash, and promiscuous, and the filthiness of her fornication et cetera, et cetera.”

In the lengthy sermon, Anderson also criticized Obama’s current family.

“He doesn’t know what a normal family looks like,” pastor Anderson told the congregation. “You might say he’s got a normal family now — Yeah, when he’s not calling his wife Michelle ‘Michael’ it looks pretty normal. You know, when he’s not calling her ‘Michael.’”

“His whole family is a facade,” Anderson claimed before calling Obama a “puppet of Satan.”

What do you think of this Pastor’s speech? Did he go too far, or is he spot on? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Liveleak


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