Outrage After Teacher Tells White People To “Kill Themselves” Over Ferguson

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A Texan teacher is under fire this week after she went on a twitter rant in which she told white people to “kill themselves” if they disagreed with her about Ferguson.

Vinita L. Hegwood is a public school teacher at Duncanville High School, where she teaches English and health science. Over the weekend, Hegwood exposed herself as a racist degenerate when she tweeted a shockingly racist statement.

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In the rant, the teacher uses a racial slur and encourages white people to kill themselves if they are questioning what is happening in Ferguson.

Hegwood’s twitter, which has since been deleted, reveals that the teacher loves weed and has had prior run-ins with police. Last month, she was horrified when a cop pulled her over and told her to turn down her music. As for the song she was blasting in her car, it was “F*ck The Police.”

What a classy role model to have around our children…



If Hegwood were white, this story would be all over the media. However, since she is black, no one cares.

There is no word as to whether Hegwood will be disciplined by her school. We’re betting that this racist black woman will be placed on administrative leave for a few weeks, with pay. Then, she’ll probably be allowed back in the classroom to teach our children her racist propaganda.

What do you think should happen to Hegwood? Sound off in the comments below!

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