George W. Bush Gives Backhand Slap to Obama

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Discussing the book he wrote about President Bush the elder, George W. Bush defends his decision to go into Iraq. “I think it was the right decision,” he said. His regret? That “Al Quaeda plus” has now taken hold in the region. This, of course, is a reference to ISIS.

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In this interview, the former President also relates a little known anecdote about Sadaam Hussein’s capture. When Bush famously offered Hussein the opportunity to leave office before the war began, he encouraged the Iraqi military to do the right thing. Later, the FBI agent who interviewed Hussein stated that the former Iraqi President said, “I just didn’t believe Bush.” “I can’t believe he didn’t believe me,” said Bush the younger.

Promoting the book he wrote about his father’s Presidency, George W. Bush carefully avoided any specific criticism of the Obama Administration. He merely stated, “We have to stop them….I hope the strategy works.” Many in the citizenry would love to know exactly what “the strategy” is as it relates to this terrorist army.

ISIS continues to overrun the Middle East enforcing a particularly harsh form of Shariah, harming women, killing Christians, and virtually destroying any progress made in Iraq after the war. Three million lives ought not be lost in vain. As Veteran’s Day approaches, perhaps those currently in power will consider that.

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President Bush states he never intended to “finish” his father’s war, nor does he expect he can tell his father’s story in an unbiased way. “It’s just a bouquet to a man I love,” he said. Fitting. As another Bush considers a run for leader of the free world, one can’t help but wonder if ISIS would be on the march under a President Bush.


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