Race Pimps Put Bounty Out on Officer Darren Wilson’s Head

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Anticipating news that Darren Wilson will not be indicted by the grand jury, local militant group RbG Black Rebels has put a bounty on his head. Starting Nov 5, with complaints about who is in power, etc. RbG took to twitter to rile up protesters.



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The answer to this highly provocative question is: setting fires is the fault of the arsonists who set them. Young people of all ethnic backgrounds should be advised that breaking the law is not “being heard”. That’s just behaving like a criminal. Ironically, it was the criminal behavior of Mike Brown that led to his untimely demise at the hands of Officer Wilson. His job, however, is to prevent crime. It would appear this group wants this officer indicted for doing his job.

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Clearly the intellectual giant who doesn’t know how to spell “do” is intent on breaking the law. Back when the laws were discriminatory against a person simply based on skin color, civil disobedience was the protest method of choice for civil rights champions like Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is surely rolling over in his grave at the violence and destruction being advocated by RbG.

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It is evident that peace is not in Ferguson’s future. What is lost on the obviously passionate “tweeter” is that protesting “military style”, whatever that means, will only confirm the fear that lead to the initial violence in the first place. Black people behaving lawlessly will only confirm the stereotype this group claims to be “fighting” to disrupt. Mike Brown and Vonderritt Myers were criminals, felons actually. They broke the law and then further attempted to elude and/or rush police and they lost their lives due to their own bad judgment. No American of any color is celebrating the loss of two young lives. But, not rational person can blame the officers in this case. There may be police brutality in some areas, but by focusing “rebellion” on a specific action of the Grand Jury, these rioters are practically guaranteeing unjust officers will not be rooted out.

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In a refreshingly accurate post, the RbG are warning young men with warrants to be careful so that they are not “cleared” from the streets. Logically, anyone with a warrant is likely to be picked up during a time when authorities are preparing for race riots which have been repeatedly announced. The question is, why are there so many black men with warrants wandering around Ferguson?

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In other news, RbG Black Rebels threaten anyone in their own ranks who speak to authorities or the press.

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Officer Darren Wilson, wanted for questioning by the RbG Black Rebels. The likelihood no harm will come to Officer Wilson is almost as great as that of this bounty being paid.

This twitter feed is filled with hours of You Tube videos about the Black Holocaust, 21st Century slavery in American, the Uhuru movement, etc. Be prepared Ferguson. For your sake, perhaps it is best the National Guard appears to be right in the neighborhood.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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