National Guard Caught On Video Near Ferguson

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7 November, St. Ann, Missouri…This video shows four National Guard choppers flying over the riot stricken area all around Ferguson, Missouri. Unless one has been completely out of touch over the last two months, one knows that Ferguson is the town where Mike Brown was fatally wounded by police officer Darren Wilson.

Claiming they are demanding justice for Mr. Brown, rioters continue to disrupt business, destroy property and otherwise wreak havoc on this St. Louis suburb. In anticipation of the Grand Jury’s decision concerning an indictment of Darren Wilson, it appears the St. Louis area is calling in the National Guard to prevent further death and destruction.

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While no one is officially declaring the presence of the Guard, this video clearly shows helicopters flying overhead which is apparently uncommon. Other residents are tweeting about armored vehicles in the St. Ann area just south of Ferguson,


If random tweeters can be believed, a large corporation in the area has communicated a contingency plan to employees should riots erupt. It is also rumored that two local schools have issued emergency management plans to parents as the Grand Jury decision is imminent.

KMOV reported:

Two more school districts issued letters this week about preparations and safety procedures ahead of the decision. Pattonville School District sent out a letter to parents Thursday saying “In light of the impending grand jury decision, Pattonville will continue to be a source of stability and support for our students. School will continue as normal.” University City School District posted updated resources for parents regarding their contingency plans on its website.

If the decision from the Grand Jury is made public November 10, that will be nearly two weeks after the first “leak” reporting the decision would be announced Nvember 1. Regardless, it would appear the Ferguson Grand Jury, police department, and/or city government has more leaks than a sieve.  Rumors are circulating about the acquittal of Officer Wilson and of the impending violence rioters, many of whom aren’t residents of the area, intend to perpetrate.

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Citizens of the St. Louis area beware and be careful.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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