Condi Rice Obliterates Race Baiters on Live TV

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Cedric the Entertainer, in his infamous “set” about Condi and Doleeza Rice, must have been envisioning how she would respond to fear mongering and race baiting during an important election cycle. The bit implies that “Condi” is the public face who is always employee of the month while “Doleeza” is ready to brawl ’cause “you know you done took my pen.”

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Dr. Rice, who is notoriously calm, demonstrated uncharacteristic emotion when asked about political ads that implied a vote for Republicans was a vote for another Ferguson or Trayvon. After all, what Democrat candidate would waste a crisis or even a tragedy?

Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade interviewed the former Secretary of State about these ads, racism, a potential run for President in 2016, and growing up black, republican, and female in the South.

Condi showed up and addressed these issues with all the class and intelligence one would expect. She called the ads “appalling” and took issue with the inability of democrats to acknowledge that the U.S. is still the best place on earth to be a minority even if we still have racial tensions.

As for racism, it appears “Doleeza” had just a bit of influence over the answer. Dr. Rice recounted experiences in her own life where she was told she wasn’t “black enough.” Her response was dignified, poignant, and just a little bit sassy. “I’ve been black my whole life, you don’t have to tell me how to be black!” She added that identifying with one’s ethnicity need not require that any individual sacrifice future success, or speaking properly. Rice contended that those making that assertion were the racists.

A run for President in 2016? Denied. She stated, “I’m a happy professor at Stanford…I will continue to find ways to serve my country.” Having served as Secretary of State under Bush 43, Dr. Rice indicated that was the pinnacle of a career in international relations. She was the first black and first female to hold that post…under a Republican.

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The first black, female Congresswoman from Utah? A Republican. The first Black Senator from South Carolina? A Republican. In fact, if the mid-term elections are reviewed with an open mind, it would be the Republican Party who elected the most diverse group of representatives. So much for the war on women and racism.

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H/T: Fox News

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