Supreme Court Makes Major Announcement: This Could End Obamacare

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The Supreme Court made an announcement on Friday which could spell the beginning of the end for Obamacare. The justices will consider the King v. Burwell lawsuit, which challenges the government’s legal authority to subsidize policies on the federal Obamacare exchange. Normally, an announcement of this magnitude would be made on a Monday, however the news broke today.

TPNN revealed:

When Obamacare was written, the language authorized the federal government to subsidize, or redistribute health care from those who have it, to those who don’t, only from state-established Obamacare “exchanges.” No provision was established to allow subsidies from the federal exchange, the fiasco at

At the time, the thought among the communist Democrats who wrote the bill was that the Obama government would be able to coerce, bully and bribe each state to establish their own health care exchange, however, that has not been the case as only sixteen states have set-up their own Obamacare exchanges, while thirty-four states have declined.

Obama is having what is most likely the worst work of his entire life. First, the Republicans took the Senate, he has been bombarded in the media ever since, and now this news that his signature legislation is likely going down. Let us know how you think this Supreme Court case will shake out in the comments section.

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