Major Victory over Shariah Law in US

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The Christian legal organization Freedom X aided ACT! For America to victory in a First Amendment battle to discuss Islam and Shariah in public schools in Knoxville, Tenn., when the school district chose to settle the lawsuit out of court over fighting an already lost case in court.

The school had scheduled ACT! For America to speak and hold a discussion about the encroachment of Shariah in America when local and national Muslim activists started getting loud. Mike F. Reynolds (then-principal of Farragut High School) received an email from Abdel Rahman Murphy, a Muslim chaplain at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, asking Reynolds to cancel the event.

Next, a letter from the Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of the Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (ironic) wrote to Reynolds in an effort to claim that while Hooper supports free speech rights, he also claimed that the event would endanger the “safe and inclusive learning environment” of FHS. A hardly-veiled threat.

On April 10, Reynolds wrote to Knox County Schools Superintendent James P. McIntyre Jr., expressing concerns of “potential backlash” and “future security threats” from “retaliation of opposing groups,” according to Frontpage Mag.

In response, McIntyre the next day uninvited ACT! for America, leaving them to hold the event in a church instead.

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So on August 4, ACT! For America representatives and Freedom X president William J. Becker sued the Tenn., district for violating the group’s First Amendment right to free speech. In less than a month, the district’s lawyers admitted that “litigation would have been futile” and decided to settle out of court.

The district paid the plaintiffs’ attorney fees and costs and rewrote the policy governing facility use to say in part that “[a]pproval for use of school buildings and property will not be withheld based upon the content of the message or viewpoint of the applicant.”

So the process of legally challenging and changing rights is a little far-fetched to Shariah law supporters, but in this case it is not the believers, but those that they threaten into cooperation (“or else”) that stand to learn a lesson.

Know your rights.  Stand by them. Report those that threaten to take them away.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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