Judge Blasts Convicted Murderer “You Are A Vile And Despicable Person”

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On Friday, Miguel Mejia was sentenced to 45 years in prison for brutally murdering his wife and two baby daughters, but the judge wasn’t letting him go that easily.

Mejia, 29, arrived home on January 14 after a drunken night out to find his wife tagged in a Facebook photo with another man. Enraged, he grabbed a kitchen knife and butchered his 21 year-old wife, Deisy Garcia, in her sleep.

He then kissed his two daughters, 2 year-old Daniela and 1 year-old Yoselin, before stabbing them to death as well.


In a New York court on Friday, Queens Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder’s stared Mejia down and launched into an epic speech in with he brutally attacked the cowardly thug:

“You are, without a doubt, a vile and despicable person and it is truly difficult to find words to describe how sickened the people in this courtroom are at the sight of you.”

“You have a committed a most unimaginable crime, one that shocks the conscience of anyone that hears about it. Even the most hardened criminals who walk in and out of this courtroom are shocked by what you did.”

“How truly fortunate you are that you chose to commit this atrocity here in this state of New York at a time when the death penalty is no longer an option for prosecutors to consider.

“For I truly believe that the person who invented the electric chair or the gas chamber must certainly have had you in mind when they designed them. And given the opportunity I’m sure there’d be a line of people tripping over each other to pull the switch.”

The speech left Mejia in tears, and he begged the court for forgiveness, but Holder wasn’t backing down. Before he sent Mejia away to rot in his cell, the judge had one final message for him.

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“Now you have to live, day after day with the image of you murdering your wife and your two little daughters. Your two beautiful daughters,” the judge said.

“And it is my hope that that memory will cause you to lose whatever sanity you still happen to possess.”

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H/T: New York Daily News

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