Bodyguard Reveals Shocking Truth About Kim Jong-Un

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Kim Jong-Il’s former bodyguard is speaking out this week about the ruthless dictator who would execute his staff on a whim, and he says Kim Jong-Un is even worse.

Lee Young-Guk spent ten years protecting the late Kim Jong-Il in the 1980s, before he had reached the height of his power. He had to go through intense training to get the job, but once he arrived at Kim Jong-Il’s compound, he was shocked by how afraid his staff was.

“When Kim Jong-Il would arrive in his vehicle, advisors would run away and throw themselves onto the grass,” Lee said. “They had dust on their clothes but they wanted to hide from him.”

“They are scared because even when he was happy he would be rude and could chop off their heads,” he added.

Lee recounted that one advisor who used Kim Jong-Il’s private elevator and ashtray was sentenced to life imprisonment in a concentration camp, where he later died.

Despite his old boss’s ruthlessness, Lee says that his son, Kim Jong-Un, is even worse.

“Kim Jong-Un ended up killing his uncle, who even Kim Jong-Il could not kill. As power was handed down to the third generation, it became crueler,” Lee said. “Kim Jong-Un has created loyalty, but it is fake and based on fear.”

Lee was able to leave his position as bodyguard when a relation of his became Kim Jong-Il’s driver. Under the dictator’s paranoid rules, only one family member was allowed to work for him at a time.

Free from Kim Jong-Il’s watchful eye, Lee tried to escape to China, but he was caught and sent to a concentration camp. Luckily, he was able to escape the prison and fled to South Korea, where he became a duck farmer. He has since written a book about his time working for Kim Jong-Il.

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H/T: Daily Mail


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