Liberals Outraged By Hot Singer’s “Racist” Outfit, But She’s Not Apologizing

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Iconic British singer Ellie Goulding is under fire this week for her “racist” Halloween costume, but she’s not backing down.

It all started on Halloween, when Goulding posted a photo of her Native American Halloween costume to the internet. Chaos quickly ensued, as liberals everywhere accused her of racism.


Instead of immediately apologizing like most celebrities do these days, Goulding told her detractors to calm down. She explained that she only briefly wore the headdress, and that she regularly donates money to Running Strong, an organization that supplies grants for Native Americans.

Even some hardcore liberals have leapt to Goulding’s aid in this controversy. Crystal Speer, a spokeswoman for the Native American Heritage Association, defended the singer to the press.

“I do think the reaction is a bit much,” she said. “People these days will jump at anything to get offended at.”

Conservative British politician Phillip Davies also defended Goulding and blasted the PC-obsessed world we live in today.

“I never cease to be amazed at how easily people will take offense – and usually this is white, middle-class, Guardian-reading, sandal-wearing, politically correct do-gooders who are offended on someone else’s behalf,” Davies said. “The people concerned are never usually offended themselves.”

Do you think Ellie Goulding’s outfit was offensive, or are the PC police just being ridiculous again? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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