Ford Disses Christians, Promotes “Homosexual Lifestyle” by Doing This

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Ford may be the vehicle brand of all-American families and the macho men who drive their trucks, but the company has a decade-long history of supporting the LGBT cause. Indeed, Ford has been hailed by the queer community as “the company which has done the most to affirm and promote the homosexual lifestyle.”

The Huffington Post reported that Ford has offered to give up to $1,000 to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for every Jaguar and Land Rover it sells to a member of GLAAD. It’s a move that the American Family Association claims Ford is making in an attempt at “redefining the definition of the family to include homosexual marriage.”

In 2005, Ford was boycotted by the American Family Association “for advertising in gay magazines, donating to gay rights organizations, and sponsoring gay pride celebrations.” The AFA was able to reach a “good faith agreement” with Ford and the company pulled their ads out of a throng of gay-themed publications, though they cited “cost-cutting” reasons.

Then, after predictable backlash from the LGBT community, Ford again began advertising in homosexual publications, violating their agreement with the AFA. In response, the conservative Christian organization launched a 3-year boycott of the company. With a strong following in 33 states and an annual budget of over $16 million, the AFA was able to do quite a bit of damage.

Does it change your opinion of Ford to know that they use their ample revenue to support to the homosexual agenda? Tell us in the comments section.

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