Girl Scouts Ditch Christian Values, Allow Transgender Members

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The Girl Scouts are now accepting members who are openly gender confused. Little boys who “feel like” little girls are being welcomed along with girls who identify as boys.

A Girl Scout troop in Colorado has allowed a 7-year-old child into their fold who is reportedly transgendered. This is a perfect example of the organization’s lack of leadership. A 7-year-old cannot be trusted to eat a balanced meal of their own accord or make their bed in the morning. Should they then be able to decide their gender? Of course not. Yet the Girl Scouts has allowed this terribly confused child, along with their sorry excuse for parents, to influence other impressionable members of their group.

Children learn the principles which they are taught and exposed to. In the name of political correctness, all of the little girls in this 7-year-old’s troop will be learning that it’s ok to question the gender God assigned. I struggle to think of an idea which would be more confusing and detrimental to the normal development of a child.

The fact of the matter is that no one on earth gets to “decide” what gender they are. That “choice” was made before we exited the womb, and it wasn’t made by any human power. The entire idea of “gender identity” is utterly absurd. You are either born a girl or a boy, with the corresponding body parts. You don’t get to chose whether you get a vagina or a penis – it doesn’t work that way. To teach 7-year-olds otherwise is to permanently damage their perception of themselves.

This is at the very epitome of the liberal mindset. The idea that whatever makes you feel good is ok, is damaging the youth of America.

Organizations like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were formed to mold youths into adults of strong moral character, but an increasingly present progressive agenda is getting in the way. Would you want your daughter to be taught that it’s ok to talk, dress, act and essentially be a boy despite their female organs and God-given gender? Tell us in the comments section.

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