Conservatives Lobbying Republican Controlled Senate to Impeach Obama

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Now that Republicans have taken control of the Senate, many conservatives are pushing for Obama to finally be impeached. With no shortage of lawlessness on his resume, it wouldn’t be hard to find grounds for such action. The Family Research Counsel is one of the most powerful organizations in America currently lobbying Republicans to impeach the President.

Reports that Obama is planning to use executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegals have ignited the movement to impeach him. Ted Cruz, perhaps the most vocal opponent of the President, may be the one to launch impeachment efforts if and when that executive order is signed by Obama. Judge Andrew Napolitano has also warned that Obama’s amnesty agenda is likely to get him impeached.

However, even with a slew of impeachable offenses behind him, there’s one big reason why the President may not be held accountable – impeaching Obama may make a Republican victory in 2016 nearly impossible to achieve.

At the present time, the only thing stopping Hillary from a win in 2016 is the fact that the Obama Administration has been a monstrous failure. As infowars points out, Hillary has absolutely nothing to run on other than the fact that her genitals are on the inside of her body. Obamacare was an immense flop, the economy is in shambles and the world is burning to the ground as we speak; it doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

If Obama stays in power for the next two years, Hillary stands no chance of winning the presidency in 2016. But if Obama is not impeached in the interest of Republicans taking the White House, imagine the damage he could do in the next two years. The Republicans are between a rock and a hard place.

Do you think a Republican Senate will finally be able to impeach Obama for his tyrannical presidency? Or will they let the Democrats do themselves in in hopes of a win in 2016? Give us your take in the comments section.

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