NFL Cheerleader Caught Having Sex With 15-Year-Old

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Just a few months ago, Molly Shattuck seemed to have it all.

Back in 2005, she was named the oldest woman up to that time to join the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad, and cheered for them for two years. She then coached the team for six years.

Since leaving the coaching position, Shattuck has become a fitness guru, even publishing her first book on the subject last February.

Shattuck has also been married for years to a billionaire energy executive, with whom she has three children. His income gave her a lavish lifestyle that left her wanting for nothing.


However, earlier this year, it all came crashing down. Shattuck and her husband separated, and she went looking for love elsewhere…with a 15 year-old boy.

Shattuck reportedly met the child on Instagram in May, and gave him her phone number. They began to meet up, often in Middle School parking lots, but their relationship appears to have been innocent at first.

Things changed over labor day weekend, when the boy stayed overnight at Shattuck’s beach house, where she was staying with her children. After buying beer for herself and the boy, the former cheerleader performed oral sex on the minor at least twice.


Police documents say “(the boy) described the undergarments (Molly) Shattuck was wearing when he entered her bedroom.”

The documents also report that Shattuck told the boy that, “if he wanted to have sex she would. The boy opted out. He decided to leave. At that point, she told him to come back later but he did not go back.”

Weeks later, the boy’s family called police and reported the assault. Shattuck was indicted on Monday on two counts of third-degree rape, and was released on $84,000 bond.



Her husband filed for divorce on September 29, and she was banned from stepping on the campus of the all-boys private school that her sons attend.

What do you think Shattuck’s punishment should be for this crime? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail

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