Megyn Kelly Shares Sex Advice With Women

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Fox News host Megyn Kelly offered some advice to young career women hoping to achieve success. Kelly is an excellent source for such advice, as her rise to fame puts her among the most well-known and well-respected news anchors on TV. The host of Fox’s The Kelly File told women in “cattier circles” not to accuse each other of sleeping their way to the top, as such gossip diverts energy from where it is best exerted. She remarked:

There hasn’t been a five-year plan, and I don’t really believe in that. I know many people do. What I believe is, if you keep your nose down and your mouth shut and work hard, opportunities will present themselves.

It goes back to outhustling everybody. Take all that energy you’re putting into looking at the woman who got promoted next to you and thinking, ‘She didn’t deserve it! Why didn’t I get it?’ and in the cattier circles, ‘She must be sleeping her way to the top!’ and put all that energy back into yourself. You take all that energy that you put into sometimes negative thinking and put it back into yourself. Ask, ‘How can I get this job? How can I do better? How can I be better?’

You may not be the smartest. If you’re in a job that is in any way focused on appearance, you may not be the most beautiful. You may not have the best academic pedigree. You may not be the one who has the strongest résumé in terms of experience. But what do you have? What can you get? You can get smarter. You can get more informed. You can round out your skills in other ways to make yourself shine.

What do you think of Megyn Kelly’s advice to young women? Is this the key to success? Sound off in the comments section!

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