Outrage After Sadie Robertson Performs Sexy Biblical Dance On Live TV

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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson made it through another week on Dancing With The Stars by bringing one of the sexiest biblical stories to life.

Sadie, 17, and her partner Mark Ballas performed a dance in which they portrayed Adam and Eve, the first man and woman on Earth.

In the clip prior to the dance, it is clear that 17 year-old Sadie is uncomfortable with the sexuality her older partner is bringing to the dance. At one point, he asks her if it is alright if he performs the routine shirtless, to which she replies “that makes me uncomfortable.”

Sure enough, Mark performs the dance completely shirtless.

Sadie also asks Mark if it is possible for him not to touch her butt when he lifts her during the dance, but he awkwardly replies that it is a necessity. Being so young, Sadie doesn’t question him any further.

Sadie admitted before the dance that she felt pressure to get such a seductively sinful biblical story right.

“It’s a pretty intense story. It’s about Eve falling short into sin, but then dragging Adam down with her,” she said.

Sure enough, Sadie was once again rewarded for performing a sexy routine. She was given a nearly perfect score of 38 out of 40 by the judges and was lauded for the dance. While we all want Sadie to succeed on the show, the message being sent to this sheltered teen is alarming…

Last week, Sadie buttoned up and performed two dances that were much more appropriate for an underage girl, but the judges were not having any of it. They blasted the performances and gave Sadie a low score that could very well have gotten her eliminated.

The takeaway that Sadie is getting from this feedback is clearly that the sexier she behaves, the longer she can stay on the show. Is this really the message we want to be sending to our children?

What do you think about what this show is doing to Sadie Robertson? Let us know in the comments below!

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