Lena Dunham Influenced by Creepy Father Who Made a Living Painting Vaginas

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Lena Dunham, leftist actress and star of HBO’s explicit series ‘Girls,’ is obsessed with sex. With the release of her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, we now know that the roots of Dunham’s sexual deviance spread much deeper than her TV show, in which she routinely disrobes.

Dunham relays in her book that she “experiment[ed] sexually with her younger sister Grace,” “experimented with her six-year younger sister’s vagina,” and “use[d] her little sister at times essentially as a sexual outlet.” It may be no wonder that she was molesting her young sister, when you consider her questionable parents.

Dunham’s father, Carroll, was a successful painter. His muse? The female genitalia.

He also apparently enjoyed depicting penis noses.

Here are some of Carroll Dunham’s grotesque paintings:


It appears that Lena Dunham grew up in the most liberal of households; one where innocence was devalued and sexuality reigned supreme. Do you think that she ever had a chance to become a normal adult, given her upbringing? Give us your take in the comments section.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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