Obama-Appointed Judge: Blacks Unable to Produce ID to Vote

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U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, who was appointed by Obama in 2011, has ruled that Texas’ voter ID laws are racist, because minorities are unlikely to use proper identification in their daily lives. Clearly, this is another slimy tactic in the left’s bag of tricks to bring Democrats out to vote.

Ramos stated that the voter ID requirement is “an unconstitutional poll tax” put in place by a racially charged Republican legislature in 2011, despite admitting that she had no proof of such. Cue the race card!

Perhaps Ramos is unfamiliar with exactly what a poll tax is. The system was implemented by Democrats in conjunction with Jim Crow laws designed to keep blacks from voting. If you could not pass a literacy test and pay a fine, you were denied the right to vote. Of course, once the Democrats figured out that this sleazy strategy was actually negatively affecting voter turnout for them, they quickly abolished the poll taxes and blamed Republicans for them. Sound like déjà vu?

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NAACP Legal Defense Fund Attorney Ryan P. Haygood sided with Ramos – surprise, surprise. Haygood argued that there has been no documented evidence of voter fraud in Texas, so requiring identification at polling places is unnecessary. But as TPNN pointed out, the NAACP required participants at a rally against voter ID laws to present ID. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

“The draconian voting requirements,” said Ramos, “will disproportionately impact low-income Texans because they are less likely to own or need one of the seven qualified IDs to navigate their lives.” Lets get something straight: you cannot function in society without one of the seven forms of identification accepted at polling places. You cannot travel by plane or bus. You cannot apply for housing or welfare. You cannot buy cigarettes or alcohol. The list goes on and on.

Ramos apparently believes that minorities are too inept to function in regular society, yet she still believes they should vote. Do you find this utterly ridiculous? Sound off in the comments section.

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