Elderly Woman Pulls A Gun On Loudmouth Freeloader, Then This Happens

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Security footage shows an elderly woman on a bus pull a gun on a loudmouth freeloader who won’t shut up.

Cordelia Chisholm, 58, was on the bus home after a long day at work when a 22 year-old girl loudly talking on her phone sat down next to her.

Chisholm asked her politely to quiet down, but the girl refused. After the two got into a heated argument, the older woman decided she had had enough.

She pulled a fully loaded gun on the loudmouth welfare queen and began waving it around as the girl desperately tried to fight back.

Finally, another passenger stepped in and broke up the fight, sending Chisholm off the bus. She was later arrested for the incidents, and is looking at serious jail time since she had no permit for the gun.

What do you think about what Chisholm did? Does she deserve to go to jail? Let us know in the comments below!

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