This Country Just Made Obama Look Like a Giant Pansy

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The UK is taking a massive stand against the Muslim Brotherhood; a move which mom jeans-wearing Obama has shied away from. Due to fears that the radical Muslim organization was “stoking an Islamist ideology that had encouraged British jihadists to fight in Syria and Iraq,” Prime Minister David Cameron initiated plans to covertly investigate the terrorist group.

Cameron brought on a feared opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood to head up the investigation. Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of one of the most respected intelligence services on the planet, MI6, will be rooting out the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK and working towards their demise.

The Conservative Tribune revealed:

Reports indicate that the investigation has uncovered a complex web of around 60 organizations inside the UK that link to the Brotherhood, some of which include charities, policy-influencing think tanks, and media outlets including newspapers and even television stations.

The findings of this investigation are painfully similar to what is going on in the United States. Still, Obama turns a blind eye to organizations which are creating homegrown terrorists on U.S. soil. As Britain watches the Muslim Brotherhood with a skeptical eye, Obama refuses to even list them on the FBI’s most recent list of domestic terrorism threats. He did, however, make sure to note the threat of conservatives who may stand up to a tyrannical government.

Let us know what you think of Britain’s move to stop the Muslim Brotherhood in their tracks. Do you wish Obama would do the same? Sound off in the comments section!

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