Engineer In Texas Posts Area 51 Photos Of Aliens

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Area 51 is the impetus for reported UFOs and a host of conspiracy theories about life on other planets. The photos captured by Boyd Bushman, former Lockheed-Martin engineer, appear to be “evidence” of something. Claims that Bushman made a dieing declaration in August about seeing aliens, etc.  are being widely reported. Snopes, however, claims the photo Bushman is holding up in the video looks a lot like something that could be purchased at Wal-mart.

Do inter-galactic relations have any bearing on our daily lives? Would Americans be better served by paying attentions to these aliens:



Illegal aliens, undocumented welfare recipients, criminal invaders, uninvited guests, or whatever else you call them cost U.S. taxpayers real money. Do we have a right to know how tax dollars are being spent at Area 51? Absolutely. Is the bigger threat headed our way over the southern border? Unequivocally.

Current estimates of 12-20 million people reside in this country illegally. Some of those came here on a legal VISA which they have now overstayed. That is criminal. Some just waltzed in without our knowledge and took up residence. Others came here to have a child so that they could stay. Many do not speak English, possess no marketable skills, and even pose health risks to our children. At the very least, illegal immigrants are a drain on schools and public health agencies.

When interstellar travelers start costing U.S. taxpayers $100 billion a year, U.S. citizens can take it seriously. Until then, Americans would be well advised to limit their focus on potential hoaxes and keep their attention on the real issues. Amnesty for this group, as promised by Obama, would be devastating economically and politically. When law breakers are welcomed with open arms, they can never be expected to appreciate or abide by the law.

We are a nation of immigrants and we should welcome those from all over the world who come and remain in  the U.S. through legal means. Those who overstay their welcome and disobey our laws should be sent back home.

H/T: Breitbart

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