Ferguson Rioter Captures His Own Threats Against Police, Wives, and Family

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Is it any wonder that a supporter of Palestine would also be a chief instigator of riots in Ferguson? Seemingly unaware of any of the facts of the Mike Brown case, he is seen here accosting police officers, speaking disrespectfully of their wives, and even threatening the safety of their families. As Darren Wilson is being presumed innocent and leaks seem to indicate he will be exonerated, Ferguson is likely to erupt into ridiculous violence once again.

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Fox 2 is also reporting that the self proclaimed live streamer of the riots has been charged with assaulting a police officer. Verbal assault is all but definitive as he claims to have paid for an officer’s vehicle when he captures himself berating a Sargent who is seen sitting in his vehicle. Would that his tax forms were public record. He has likely paid for nothing. He is famous for being infamous.

The next video shows the mob at large making threats against officers and their families.

What is the point of these threats? If  police are on guard and  have hair trigger fingers, is that not rational when they encounter mob mentality on a daily basis? When one’s life and family are threatened, situations tend to escalate. The group pictured here seems to be stirring up trouble for trouble’s sake.

How do these “protests” honor Mike Brown? How does destruction of local business, both physically and fiscally, protect a neighborhood from an allegedly corrupt police force? Behaving like a destructive mob only draws attention to the lack of class, education, and moral authority anyone in this group claims to have.

Here’s a tip. When you want to shine a light on police brutality, film police behaving brutally, not your own cohorts making verbal threats. When you want to prevent the further destruction of young human lives, create a safe environment for them, not another mob scene they have to navigate. If your purpose is to genuinely seek justice, then let justice take its course. If you disagree with a verdict, make an appeal or offer better evidence. What you are doing is juvenile and destructive to all parties. Yelling at someone that you pray for their death exposes you for the violent, racist, anti-Semite you are. Which effectively makes you no better than what you are accusing Officer Wilson of being. Classic

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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