What Is The Choice Obama Does Not Want American Women To Make?

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Rhode Island, October 31, 2014. Obama praises women and Rhode Island for all they do to make society succeed. It seems he favors choice, as long as women don’t choose to stay home and raise their own children. Throughout the speech he called for everything from getting 6 million kids enrolled in quality daycare to expanding family leave laws. In this clip, he awkwardly talks about how leaving the work force to care for children “is not a choice we want Americans to make.”

Breaking this down into the absolute minutia, one must first consider the choices Obama does support.

Abortion: $542 Million dollars in grants during 2011-2012 were given to Planned Parenthood. Taxpayer money, nonetheless. The bulk of their “services” are centered around abortion. This organization was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who thought abortion would be an effective means by which to control the population of minorities in the U.S. It is, frankly, astounding that blacks and Latinos can support it at all.

Daycare: In effect, Obama is saying that women who choose to have babies should certainly not choose to raise them. The earlier a child moves into government education, the more influence the government will have over him/her and mom can stay in the work force to support her family and pay taxes. To be clear, this is the ultimate choice for most women. To work or not to work comes up as often as the decision to breast or bottle feed. The government has no dog in this fight and should stay out of it.

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No matter how one feels about either of those issues, it is imperative to ask the question, who will pay for it? Obama seems to think the American citizenry is blindly going to accept further governmental expansion and influence while willingly paying the bill. One fact he got correct, if a woman leaves the workforce for a time and returns, she may temporarily experience a salary gap. That, however, is also a CHOICE.

Many families choose to have a parent home because they want to spend the formative years having a profound influence on the children they chose to have. It is not always because they can’t afford quality daycare, that is a false premise. Perhaps that influences some, but choosing to be a parent and the primary caregiver of their young child is not always a financial decision. For some, it is even worth making a financial sacrifice to be home with their kids. Mr. President, these ARE choices “we” want Americans to make, not the government.


H/T: Gateway Pundit

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