Ebola Grips THIS Unlikely US State

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Who is the woman in question? Authorities have not named her.

What has occurred? After self-monitoring for several days, she developed a fever of 102 on Friday and called authorities. She was transported by a specially equipped ambulance to Providence Milwaukie Hospital and is currently in isolation. Others who live in her home are now under voluntary home confinement.

When did she return to the U.S? Authorities are not saying.

Where did she travel? The public is not being made aware.

Why is this a story? Because the public is being made aware of a quarantined family and this woman in isolation without any of the details of her case. Authorities are assuring the public that there is no danger, but an entire family is effectively under house arrest.

In West Africa, nearly 5000 have died due to the most recent, and worst outbreak of Ebola. This is a virus that has been identified for a generation, but reasonable people are concerned that this recent outbreak is different. Questions about mutation and even rumors that it has gone airborne are fueling public fears. In the United States, Ebola has never before been a genuine public health threat. All of these facts are converging on citizens of every country sending aid workers to West Africa. Is it worth the risk?

Even though Ebola can only be contracted via droplet exposure to bodily fluids, it is still easier to catch than it is to cure. The most recent outbreak has a mortality rate of nearly 50%. Even military and medical professionals returning from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia will be monitored for at least 21 days upon returning to the U.S. Doing everything we can to cure Ebola over there and prevent it over here is an absolute necessity.

H/T: Daily Mail

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