Major American Retailer Bows to Sharia Law

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According to a press release from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the group provided “cultural awareness training” to the employees at a Home Depot location in Dearborn, MI, on March 19. According to the Conservative Tribune, the training covered interacting with Muslim customers, modesty, and religious accommodations for Muslim employees.


The training was purportedly to help the Dearborn Home Depot “better serve their Muslim customers.” Dearborn has virtually become Little Palestine – a smaller version of a country where radical Islamic dogma governs the people.

Sadly, this is happening right in the heartland of America. If anyone needs “cultural awareness training,” it’s the people over at Muslim Brotherhood linked CAIR. Clearly, they need help assimilating to American culture. As immigrants, they should adapt to the way of life in this country, not expect the rest of us to change for them.

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