Liberals Launch War On Halloween That Will Make You Sick

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There’s nothing that liberals love more than ruining a holiday in which people get to have a good time. After declaring war on such religious holidays as Christmas and Easter, liberals have now turned their attention to Halloween, and they’re out for blood this time.

An epidemic of “costume correctness” has swept our nation this year, as anyone who dares to wear a remotely offensive or unique costume is immediately punished.

A hospital forced their entire staff to attend diversity training after a white employee showed up to work in an Obama mask. Schools are banning Halloween costumes left and right, just to make the few children who do not celebrate the holiday don’t feel left out.

Considering the fact that liberals are known for having no sense of humor, a war on Halloween is not too surprising. However, it is disheartening to know that our children may miss out on wonderful Halloween memories just because of a few Debbie Downers.

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