You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Man Who Said “I’m Not a Muslim”

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In their incessant effort to accommodate everything which looks, acts and talks like a Muslim, the United Kingdom has enforced strict laws against “hate speech,” which have basically outlawed any rhetoric pertaining to truths about radical Islam. This report perfectly demonstrates the idiotic nature of these laws.

75-year old Paul Griffith was preparing to board a flight, when airport staff requested that he remove his shoes. In a comical response, the elderly man replied, “I’m not a Muslim, am I?” That’s when the PC Police stepped in and things got ugly.

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The security guard was unduly offended by Griffith’s statement and immediately called the police. Griffith had used “racist” language, reported the overzealous guard. Eventually allowed to continue with his travel plans, Griffith was immediately arrested upon his return home for “racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.”

Griffith recalled the disconcerting ordeal:

“One minute I am queuing up to get on a plane and the next I am confronted by two armed policemen. They said I had used racist language and took me to an office in the terminal. When I got back I had to wait six hours before they interviewed me again, arrested me and said that I was being charged with causing racially aggravated harassment. I was photographed, had my fingerprints taken and they also took a DNA swab from my mouth. Then they said I would have to go to my local police station. It has been incredibly stressful – all because I asked a question and apparently dared to use the ‘M-word.’”

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Griffith was later offered a plea deal, which he adamantly refused, insisting he had done nothing wrong to begin with. Then, just one day before his case was scheduled to got to court, the charges against him were mysteriously dropped. Prosecutor Frank Ferguson explained, “In order to successfully prosecute a charge of racially or religiously aggravated disorderly conduct, we first have to show that the language used was threatening or abusive and in these particular circumstances we could not show that to the high criminal standard required.”

Good Lord! If I had a nickel for every time a liberal accused me of using “racist” language, I’d be a rich woman. Let this be a lesson to those who take our inalienable First Amendment rights for granted. Without free speech, we are doomed to a fate like Paul Griffith’s. You have been warned.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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