Jodi Arias Sentencing Retrial Turns X-Rated

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The prosecution rested on Tuesday in the sentencing retrial of Jodi Arias, but not before providing the jury with a summary of the facts of the murder, which included five days full of X-rated evidence. Jurors listened to a 40-minute phone sex conversation between Arias and the victim, Travis Alexander. Additionally, on Monday, prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez showed the jury texts and emails Arias sent to Alexander and played voicemails she had left for her ex-boyfriend.

In her first trial, defense attorneys used the explicit evidence of the sordid love affair as proof that Alexander lived a double life; exemplary Mormon boy in public, but abusively sex-crazed man behind closed doors. Jurors were unable to reach a unanimous sentencing decision for Arias during her first trial, thus the sentencing retrial for the 34-year-old.

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This week, Martinez played damning videos of Arias lying to Mesa Detective Esteban Flores during interrogation, and suggested that Alexander was afraid of Arias because she was stalking him in the time leading up to his death. However, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi sought to debunk this claim by producing pornographic images of Arias’ private parts, which Alexander had taken moments before his death. The graphic photos, Nurmi argued, prove that Alexander was not afraid of Arias and that he sexually abused her.

The two lovers photographed each other in the nude, but things somehow turned violent when Arias was taking pictures of Alexander in the shower. Arias claimed in her first trial that she had dropped the camera, infuriating Alexander, at which point he attacked her. We may never know the whole truth of what subsequently unfolded, as Arias has been caught in too many lies to count. Alexander was found by friends five days later, still in the shower, with a bullet in his head and over 30 stab wounds. The last photo on the camera’s memory card showed him bleeding on the floor.

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Nurmi showed the jury several of the photos Arias had taken of Alexander naked in the shower, some of which showed him vulnerably facing forward. He also played a 40-minute phone conversation between the pair which Arias recorded a month before the murder. Jurors listened to the pair groan during the phone call, as if they were having orgasms. However, Martinez had Detective Flores admit that the recorded call had never been analyzed by police, essentially questioning its credibility.

The defense began their presentation on Thursday, which they hope will persuade the jury to recommend life in prison for Arias, as opposed to a death sentence. Do you think Jodi Arias should receive the death penalty, or spend the rest of her life in prison? Leave your opinion below!

H/T: USA Today

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