20-Yr-Old Stabbed Roommate to Death, Had Sex With Corpse Before Getting Haircut

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Bryan Santana, a 20-year-old pizza delivery man, has been charged with strangling and stabbing his roommate to death. He reportedly choked 23-year-old Shelby Fazio from behind before fatally stabbing her in the neck. Police found him getting a haircut in Orlando, FL, and subsequently arrested him. Santana confessed to murdering Fazio, and according to the arrest report, “He stated that he later had sexual intercourse with her body after she was dead.”

The grisly incident took place early Tuesday morning inside the house at 447 North John Street, which Santana shared with Fazio and 23-year-old John Heermance. Santana planned to kill Heermance, who had moved into the residence three months prior, as well.

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Heermance returned home around 9am on Tuesday morning and found a trail of blood smeared across the hall leading to Fazio’s room. Her door was closed and Santana was reportedly in the bathroom washing his hands. Heermance ran to collect his cell phone from his room so that he could call the police once he fled to a safe distance.

Santana spied Heermance and immediately pounced on him, spraying him with pepper spray. Luckily, Heermance was able to fight off his attacker and escaped unscathed. Santana retreated to Fazio’s vehicle and drove to a local Walmart. “He said he was looking for a Walmart to find a fake gun like a BB gun so he could point it at a police officer so they would shoot him,” the police report stated.

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The owner of the hair salon where Santana went next said that the disturbed young man was in a hurry, saying he was going to the movies with a “hot girl.” When the police arrived to arrest him, the owner recalled, “His eyes were big and [he] said, ‘I’m going to jail,’ so he knew it was over.”

Police found Fazio dead in her home, with ligature marks around her neck and multiple stab wounds. They also retrieved a shirt with blood spatter marks from a trashcan outside. Investigators have recovered a piece of drywall from inside the residence with writing scrawled on it. The message read in part, “I’m sorry,” and “Not sorry for what I did.”

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A Michigan native, Fazio had studied Biology in college and recently graduated. She worked at Mouse House at Disney World Yacht and Beach Club. She is survived by her parents and two siblings.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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