National Outrage After Bill Cosby Says THIS About Blacks

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Liberals everywhere are outraged by a new video in which Bill Cosby chastises his fellow blacks and tells them to get it together.

Cosby says he is sick and tired of seeing black people act like idiots and perpetuate stereotypes. He said that when he was young, blacks were talented athletes and brilliant intellectuals, but now all they do is party.

“All they think about is a** and fun,” Cosby laments about the black youth of today.

Cosby admits that blacks love to complain about being screwed over by white people, but he points out that now the only ones screwing over blacks are blacks themselves. He says that if they continue to act like fools, they will be treated like fools, and he urges them to take responsibility for themselves.

Of course, liberals of all races blasted this video as racist, just because it didn’t baby blacks or victimize them. However, we applaud Bill Cosby for having the courage to speak out against the idiot hoodlums who are giving black people everywhere a bad reputation!

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