ISIS Murders 30 Sunni Men In Brutal Public Massacre

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Before being brutally murdered in the street, 30 Sunni tribal leaders were paraded through the streets of Hit in Iraq by other Muslims.







30 DEAD 2

ISIS is on the march on the banks of the Euphrates and these murders were an attempt to send a message to opposing tribes.

30 dead 3

Sunni resistance to ISIS has been bolstered by U.S. and ally airstrikes, but additional assistance is being requested by those in tribal areas who fear ISIS will continue to run rough shot over these villages.

30 dead 4

While there appears to be no shortage of weapons and volunteers in the resistance, further training is needed before these simple tribesmen can pose any real threat to ISIS militants bent on martyrdom.

30 dead 5

Can Muslims be Islamophobic? It appears that members of the resistance are Sunni Muslims while ISIS is an entirely new, radicalized breed of Sharia Law abusing Shiite.

30 dead 6

Scouting for ISIS is a full time job. Those in the resistance understand that limiting not only the damage and physical presence of ISIS is important, but also limiting the radicals’ sphere of influence.

30 dead 7

Pick up trucks and make shift armaments are no match for an army in black determined to create an Islamic state not only in Syria, but in Iraq and eventually everywhere.

30 dead 8

Defending one’s own back yard has become a way of life for the Sunni resistance in Iraq. The vacuum created by the irresponsible manner in which the U.S. removed troops from the area allowed this evil to emerge.

30 dead 9

With Iraq in crisis and human rights violations rampant, calls for tolerance of this form of Islam are insane. More international assistance will be necessary if a Caliphate is to be prevented in Iraq and elsewhere in the region. Not only does ISIS pose a threat to Israel and other U.S. allies in the region, but the influence of this group is a threat to everyone who opposes Sharia Law. Western Europe and the United States need to wake up to that reality and fast.

H/T: Daily Mail

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