Italy Stands Up To Radical Islam

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Milan, Italy is better known for terrific shoes than outspoken politicians. In fact, it is from Milan and other cities in Europe that the whole diversity and tolerance movement was thrust upon Great Britain, the United States and the rest of the world. It would appear that the tolerant have finally encountered an evil they cannot bear: Caliphate.

While many are rallying in Europe, no voice is more eloquent and charismatic than that of this Italian woman. She addresses everything from immigration to the displacing of young Italian workers to the burqa and veil required of Islam. Of course, the leftist media in Europe is claiming intolerance and appropriating Nazi slurs against a similar movement taking shape in Germany.

The group of Germans who are revolting call themselves “hooligans” and there seems to be an element of civil disobedience within that group. Regardless, it is high time the distinction was drawn between practitioners of Islam and proponents of a Caliphate. One group is peaceful and routinely participate in modern life, the other takes the Koran quite literally and calls for the murder of all Christians, Jews, and the aforementioned peaceful Muslims.

The advance of the radicalized culture must be stopped. This is how the Nazis were able to gain power in Germany. Through one tiny accomplishment at a time garnering greater influence. With a complicit media willing to call all opponents of terrorism Islamophobic, rational humans are naturally resistant to be outspoken for fear of looking intolerant. Perhaps the time has come to embrace a little intolerance. Being intolerant of 7th Century practices of women as property, stoning of individuals for crimes, and honor killing is actually quite rational and appropriate in 2014. Fear of Islam is also not irrational so long as the focus remains on terrorist radicals, not your average citizen living in a free society. These radicals behead people specifically so others will fear them. It would seem logical, therefore, to embrace Islamophobia at some level just to protect one’s way of life…fear of people who behead people and want to take over the world is not the same as being afraid of a religion as a whole.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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