Dead Marine’s Dad Takes On Funeral Protesters, Then This Happens

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Albert Snyder thought things couldn’t get any worse when his son was killed in Iraq in 2006, but he realized he was wrong when he arrived at his funeral to find a gang of angry protesters there.

Snyder’s son’s funeral had become the latest target of the Westboro Baptist Church, a group that goes around speaking out against homosexuality. They believe America is doomed because it tolerates gays, and they say they go to military funerals to protest because that’s where they get the most media attention.

Snyder finds this sickening, and he has now devoted his life to taking this group down. Despite the threats his family has received from the church, Snyder has committed to reliving the worst day of his life over and over in the hopes that someday military families will be able to bury their children in peace.

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