DNA Test Reveals Startling News For 13-Yr-Old Father

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Alfie Patten was thought to be one of the youngest fathers in the world at just 13-years-old, but a DNA test has brought what most would consider welcome news to the youngster and his parents: he did not father the child born to his 15-year-old girlfriend.


Alfie Patten holds baby Masie, the child he thought he fathered.

Initially, Chantelle Steadman claimed to have gotten pregnant after a one-time unprotected fling with Patten, but other boys ended up coming forward saying they had also slept with the young harlot, which prompted a DNA test of little baby Masie. Patten’s 43-year-old mother, Nicole, was left to explain the process of establishing paternity to her son, who adores the baby.


Masie was thought to have been conceived after a one-time unprotected sexual encounter between Alfie and his girlfriend, Chantelle.

“It had not even crossed Alfie’s mind whether Chantelle had not been faithful to him. He’s absolutely devastated that these lads say they slept with her,” remarked Nicole, who is separated from her son’s father. “He did cry after we found out he wasn’t the dad. When we told Alfie the baby wasn’t his he was absolutely hysterical. He burst out crying and then he ran out of the room,” she added. Now, Nicole maintains that Alfie is still a virgin, adding to the confusion surrounding this troubling case.


A DNA test has revealed that Alfie is not the father of baby Masie.

The stigma of being labeled as Britain’s youngest father has plagued Alfie’s teen years. International Business Times reports that his face is still plastered across newspapers reporting on underage pregnancy. There is even a condom brand sold over the internet with Alfie’s face used as their logo.


The stigma of being labeled as Britain’s youngest father has followed Alfie like a dark shadow.

While it is somewhat of a relief that Patten is not a father, the news that his 15-year-old girlfriend had multiple sexual partners is very disturbing. This certainly speaks to the degradation of society. Let us know how you feel about Alfie Patten’s story in the comments section.

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