Sadie Robertson Reveals Her Secret Sex Strategies

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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson has a new book coming out this week, and in it she gives fellow teens tips on how they can save sex for marriage.

The 17 year-old Dancing With The Stars contestant’s book, Live Original, hit shelves on Tuesday, and included in it was a list of rules that teens can follow to stay pure.

“Make it your goal to stay pure and make that goal known from anyone…” Sadie wrote. “Lay down the “rules” for yourself in your dating relationship so you don’t get to that awkward moment.”

The following is a few of Sadie’s rules:

1. “Don’t be home alone together. Go to a public place rather than staying home alone and perhaps opening yourself up to temptation.”

2. “Stay out of each other’s bedrooms. Don’t lie in a bed together and watch a movie or even spend time alone in each other’s bedrooms.”

3. “Pray together before each date to keep God first in your relationship. By doing this you ill remind yourselves of Whose you are and that you are living your life for Him.”

4. “Don’t be afraid to speak up and even ‘flee,’ as the Bible says. I can promise you, in the end, your boyfriend will respect you for it—that is, if you are dating the right kind of guy.”

5. Finally, Sadie advises her readers to take the five-second pledge “to stay strong against temptation.”

What do you think of Sadie’s rules for remaining pure? Let us know in the comments below!

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