Revealed: The Real Reason For Kim Jong-un’s Mysterious Disappearance

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A South Korean spy agency has alleged that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was recently absent from the public eye for six weeks to have a cyst removed from his ankle. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service believes Kim Jong-un failed to attend several high-profile events because he was recovering from the surgery. They maintain that his cyst was caused by obesity and chain smoking; the dictator is known to have quite the unhealthy lifestyle.

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The worldwide media was abuzz with speculation when the dictator vanished on September 3. Here are just a few of the theories which were proposed as reasons for his disappearance:

  • He had been overthrown in a military coup.
  • He had died of a heart attack.
  • He was undergoing ankle surgery after injuring himself while performing military exercises.
  • He suffered a mental breakdown.
  • He was undergoing weight loss surgery after recently ballooning to 300 pounds.

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North Korean officials have not made any comment as to why their leader was absent from public view for so many weeks, leading the media to continue their speculations. Do you believe that Kim Jong-un’s prolonged disappearance was all due to a cyst? Give us your take in the comments section.

H/T: Daily Mail

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