Christians Are Standing Up to Houston’s Liberal Mayor in the Best Way Imaginable

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Annise Parker is the first openly gay mayor of Houston, Texas. As you might suspect, she also incredibly liberal; so much so that she believes transgendered individuals should be allowed to use whatever restroom facilities they please, according to the gender they identify with. Parker would like to make it legal for a creepy, perverted, middle-aged man to use the restroom next to a little girl.

In her incessant quest for compete equality, Parker has launched what is arguably the most egregious assault on First Amendment rights and religious freedom that we have seen this decade. She moved to subpoena the sermons of certain Christian pastors from local churches whom she believes may have been preaching against homosexuality or her political maneuverings.

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Parker’s attempt to subpoena these sermons was shot down in court, and now she is moving to collect “speeches” made by the pastors. This woman is one stubborn you-know-what. In response, the Christian community has rallied together and done something that undoubtedly has her foaming at the mouth.

Conservatives from all corners of the United States have been sending Bibles and sermons to Parker’s office. They seem to be doing so in response to a request from former Governor Mike Huckabee, who said on his Fox News show, “I would like to ask every pastor in America: send her your sermons… Everybody watching the show ought to send her a Bible.”

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Parker responded to Huckabee’s call to action by claiming he was just “doing what he can to pump ratings for Fox News.” Clearly, she’s more than a little miffed. The plan appears to be working!

Though Parker denied knowing the exact number of Bibles her office has received thus far, it has been reported that the number is somewhere between 500 and 1,000. Parker claims she will “share the Bibles with those who may want them” by distributing them to local churches. Show the patriots sending her these little care packages your support in the comments section!

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