Alert: You Can Get Ebola From a Toilet Seat

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A New York Times report warns Americans that it is possible to contract the deadly Ebola virus from using a public restroom. The threat is such that field operations in West Africa run by Doctors Without Borders have been laid out so that Ebola patients never share bathroom facilities with medical workers or those who are only “possibly” infected with the virus.

The report reveals:

Ebola victims often lose control of their bowels and excrete copious amounts of diarrhea. They also vomit heavily. Those liquids are highly infectious. Touching them and then touching one’s eye or mouth or inside the nose could transmit the disease. Urine also carries some risk, but viral loads in urine are not nearly as high as those in vomit and feces.

It is also possible to contract Ebola by using public modes of transportation.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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