Outrage After Two West Point Cheerleaders Make Out In Desperate Attempt To Lure In Recruits

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West Point is in hot water this week after it was revealed that coaches sponsored an alcohol fueled trip on a tour bus for recruits, who were still in high school at the time. The incident occurred in January, but the story was only leaked to the press this past Sunday.

The incident occurred when 14 prospective students were taken on a tour bus along with members of the football team and two cheerleaders to the Palisades Mall in New York. Two officers were escorting the scene of rowdy teens, yet along the way, they stopped at a bowling Alley where they all drank heavily.

On the way back to West Point, witnesses say the bus turned into a “club-like” scene, with flashing lights and dancing. Amidst the chaos, the two female cheerleaders made out with each other, followed by one of them kissing a football player.


Perhaps most disturbingly, an investigation revealed that cheerleaders and female recruits had been set up as “dinner dates” for the recruits with the goal of luring them to attend the military college.

West Point officials said they have reprimanded 20 cadets as well as two officers and football coaches for promoting underage drinking at the event.

“I am fully committed to the values of West Point in all of our cadets and in all of our programs, and will ensure they are upheld to the highest of standards,” superintendent of the academy, Army Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., said in a statement.

“I believe those involved in this incident have learned from their mistakes, corrected their behavior accordingly, and will have the character to be the leaders our Nation expects of its West Point graduates,” he added.

The military University has been criticized for not publicizing the story until now, but West Point spokeswoman Teresa Brinkerhoff said the academy dealt with the situation internally.

“Although seen as a minor infraction by the NCAA, the U.S. Military Academy takes this very seriously and adjudicated this at the highest level of the disciplinary code,” Brinkerhoff told the press.

“We adjudicated this under Article 10 of the Cadet Disciplinary Code and all cadets appeared before the Commandant’s Disciplinary Board,” she added.

Despite the backlash, the football players and coaches involved in the incident will participate in the Army/Air Force game on November 1.

What do you think of this situation? Did West Point handle it all wrong? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail


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