Public School Teaches ‘There is No God But Allah’

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Massachusetts parents are outraged after learning that their children are being taught ‘there is no God but Allah’ in public schools. A section of the textbook describing the beliefs of Muslims says, “Allah is the greatest. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is his Prophet.”


Anthony Giannino immediately pulled his son out of class when he learned of the curriculum. He explained:

“No religion should be taught at school. In their paper it says Allah is their only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only. We don’t believe in Allah. I don’t believe in my son learning about this here. If my son was from another country and came here, he would have been catered to. But where he’s not being catered to, they give him an F.”

The superintendent of Revere Public Schools tried to brush off the matter in a letter to parents which stated, “I want to be very clear that no religion is taught with the purpose of converting students to that religion…”

How would you react if your child was learning this at school? Tell us in the comments section.

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