Non-Muslim Men Walk Down the Street in Burqas, Muslims Lose Their Nut

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In an attempt to expose the security breaches made possible by garments mandated by radical Islam, a group of Australian men went out on the town clad in burqas. It sounds like a hilarious prank, but it was actually a noteworthy social experiment. The men went into banks, bathrooms and restaurants, but they got the most attention out on the street from a couple irate Muslims.

The men conducting the experiment were adamant about one thing: they were not protesting the burqa, rather, they were doing research. Recently, Australia has moved to ban burqas in public, so this was not a crazy idea.

As it turns out, Muslims don’t take too kindly to others who don their signature garb. They were quick to label the burqa-clad men as racist. “Take this sh*t off right now!” yelled an infuriated Muslim man. He then began to assault a man in street clothes for simply siding with the men in burqas. Before the end of the video clip, the police were called to subdue the crazed Muslim men.

This is a perfect example of the fact that Muslims expect a double standard. They want every exception to be made for them, yet want the rest of the world to play by their rules.

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