Burqa-Clad Muslim Woman Pulls the Race Card, Receives Epic Dose of Justice

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When burqa-clad Carnita Matthews was stopped by law enforcement for a random breathalyzer test, she decided to pull the race card instead of complying with the officer’s request. The cop calmly attempted to explain to the irate woman that it was not racist for him to stop her at a random check point; everyone gets stopped, not just crazy people in burqas.

The officer described Matthews’ reaction to being pulled over as “verbally hysterical.” When you watch the surveillance footage of the incident, you will see he was being generous. “You’re going to be in trouble,” the Muslim woman threatened the officer before driving away. As it turns out, she was the one who ended up behind bars.

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For whatever reason, Matthews wasn’t willing to let the incident go – despite the fact that the cop had given her an easy out with just a citation for failing to produce her license. She decided to make a spectacle out of herself and call the officer’s integrity into question by going on television to relive the ordeal. Unfortunately for her, what actually happened was much different from her recollection of events.

Thanks goodness there was a camera rolling throughout the exchange between the officer and Matthews. The footage blew her claims of racism right out of the water and completely exonerated the officer. Justice was served when Matthews was sentenced to six months in jail for her behavior.

Because of the stunt Matthews pulled, some Australians are lobbying for a complete ban on wearing burqas in public. This seems logical, as Muslims clearly feel they are above the law. With their appearances completely obscured, they are free to commit whatever crime they please because they cannot be identified as the culprit.

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Perhaps the biggest injustice in this case is the fact that Matthews is the mother of seven children. They are seven more members of society who are being indoctrinated by a religion which preaches violence. To compound this detrimental upbringing, they are being raised by a mad woman.

Muslims like Carnita Matthews have learned to use our politically correct culture to their advantage. As evidenced by this footage, they are not above using their religion to get out of sticky situations while the rest of us must be accountable for our actions. Let us know how you feel about what Matthews did in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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