Experts Reveal Obama Was Wrong: You Can Get Ebola From Bus Sweat

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The U.S. is on high alert after Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Dr. Nicole Lurie revealed that Ebola can be spread through something as simple as perspiration left on a bus seat.

Lurie made the sworn statement on Friday’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the government’s response to the Ebola outbreak.

Rep. Thomas Massie asked Lurie if Ebola germs could survive on inert surfaces for 15 minutes, to which she replied “it can survive.”

Lurie was then asked whether Ebola could be transmitted on a bus, to which she replied that it only could through infected bodily fluids. She admitted that fluids that could transport Ebola in this way does include perspiration.

Other officials also confirmed that Ebola could be transmitted through bus sweat.

“That could include perspiration,” said International Medical Corps. official Rabih Torbay, adding that bus transmission “could be possible.”

“It can be transmitted through sweat,” said Marine Corps Major General James Lariviere.

These statements directly contradict prior ones made by President Obama, in which he tried to calm public panic by promising that Ebola could not be transmitted this easily.

Either Obama is losing touch with his own administration, or he is blatantly lying to us. Knowing him, he’s probably doing both…

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H/T: Daily Caller

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