Barack And Michelle Called To Malia’s School For This


October 27, 2014 11:37am PST

After her wild summer of partying in Los Angeles, it must be difficult for 16 year-old Malia Obama to return to the classroom.

Perhaps because of this, Malia’s parents have already been called to the school by her teachers, just weeks into her Junior year of high school.

Barack and Michelle were photographed on Monday morning entering Sidwell Friends School, where Malia and Sasha are students. The Obamas claim they were there for parent teacher conferences, but since the school year just started, it seems a bit early for teachers to be meeting with parents…

That is, unless a student is acting out. Perhaps Malia is having trouble adjusting after a summer of fraternizing with A-List celebrities at drug fueled concerts like Lollapalooza.

The Obama’s would surely never want us to know that they have lost control of their teenage daughter, so we may not know what kind of trouble Malia is in for quite sometime.

However, as someone who can’t stand her parents, let’s hope Malia gives Barry and Michelle Hell…

H/T: The Hill


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