Rapist Thug Talks Tough, So No-Nonsense Judge Does This

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This video shows a no-nonsense Judge teach a violent thug a lesson about respect that he will surely never forget.

Tyler Grogan is an entitled punk who took a woman hostage and repeatedly raped her before firing shots at police. A jury convicted him of his vicious crimes, and Grogan was brought before Judge Alford Dempsey for sentencing.

Upon entering the courtroom, Grogan immediately cursed out the judge, saying “I don’t want to hear this s**t.” Unfortunately for him, Judge Dempsey is not in the habit of taking sass from convicted thugs.

Dempsey sentences Grogan to seven life sentences plus 270 years in prison, telling him, “I don’t care if you want to hear it or not: you are an animal.”

In the end, Grogan can do nothing but sit there in shock as he realizes that he has just flushed his life down the toilet.

What do you think of Judge Dempsey’s sentence? Was it fair, or too much? Sound off in the comments below!

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